Steel rods, fabric, photographs, Rhino model

May 2018 – Nieuwe Meer, Amsterdam

The intention of this assignment was to create a space which resembled a specific part of the human body, and to stay within this place, becoming aware of the spatiality of your body, for twenty-four hours. I choose the bloodflow, and wanted to approach this by choosing a location close to the waterside, so that the waves would synchronize with the rythms of a pounding heart. The shape of a tent made me remember moments of lying awake at night, in an unknown environment, without comfort, a space where you can feel your heart pound in your chest. During the night that I stayed here, a heavy rainfall came over me, so that it felt like everything around me was flowing. The tent itself slowly gained bodily features as well. The fabric stretched like skin across the steel skeleton. For a night, the tent was a replacement for my body. Between me and the outside world was nothing but a thin sheet of fabric.