Photoshop, Rhino models, Illustrator, handdrawings

May 2020 – Game Changer compition (won), Jerusalem – group work with: Claire Wright, Meren Pegler, Romi and Keren Attas, Sunny Lustov and Avia Eyal

The pyramid shaped elements exist of a combination between concrete and a sponge-like plant; luffa. This creates a porous stone, in which rainwater will collect and in which plants can grow their roots. Insects are attracted by those plants, and can build nests or cocoons inbetween or inside of the stones.


The stones can be placed throughout the entire city, on rooftops or against walls, but are specifically placed in between parks. We called these natural corridors. This way it’s easier for insects to move between green areas, so that they will increase biodiversity among plants by pollinating all over the city.