Journey mapping

+/- 10m x 60 cm – coloured pencils

June 2020 – All over the Netherlands

This is a chronological map of a cycling trip I took over the course of two weeks. When I came home, I wanted to experience the jouney again, and to recognize the spaces and sizes in the abstract representation of maps. By following the road I cycled, and ignoring most of the other roads that the map included, I got a better understanding of the size of everything that I have seen, and also an insight in the spaces that remained invisible to me during the trip. Each memory, which at first was random and separate, now seemed to fit in a location. The drawings were dependent on the maps that I had available, and those maps were sometimes in very differing scales. Because of that I got the idea to play around with different kinds of scales, by representing some areas in a larger way because had a more intense impression on me. When I was finished I decided to also include a drawing of my tent, a space I always had with me during the trip, in the true size. It was probably the smallest space I had found myself in during the entire trip, but because it was the only constant one, it gained an all-encompassing size. It exists outside of all else.