Shelter shapes

3,5m x 1,8m x 1m, Terrazzo concrete

October 2020 – Dutch Design Week Eindhoven – group work with: Danute Liva and Buse Ilgaz

A search for the new intimacy and the meaning of the public playground.


When thinking about playgrounds, we dove back into our childhood memories, and our most precious ones were the ones when we’ve felt like we’d found a hiding place. We wanted to reflect this feeling into a public space, and in the shape of a wall. This wall represents a need for shelter and comfort, in a very primary way. The seperate pieces are inspired by water, fire, and relaxation. These elements make the wall porous, so that it’s no longer an element of seperating the back and front, but an invitation to live in it, a short-time stay. We made concrete mixtures with seashells, charcoal, pebble stones and ceramic plates, and experimented with casting in sand.