Tiny perceptions

Wooden beams, branches and plastic

May 2019 – GRA Fedlev Building – group work with: Ne┼ża Kokol, Laura Olivia Schuerch and Herman Hjorth Berge

This project started with the intention to pay closer attention to the subtle qualities that a space can contain. Tiny Perceptions of elementary changes and sensations. The cold, sterile and silent high-rise of the Zuidas contrast with the moving, growing mass of twigs of the tall trees that surroud the buildings. For the people inside the offices, where time is possibly non-existent, through the glass of the buildings, the trees contain a reminder of the current season and the changing weather. With a combination between organic and artificial materials, we made an installation that both exemplifies and dissolves this contrast. The sterile plastic is flowing lively in the wind, like leaves on a tree, while the the bare branches form a strong framework, for the wind to go through. They form a kind of strange, hybrid plant, the contrast becomes a conversation.

tiny perceptions